Technology is continuously changing the landscape of business and commerce industry. Ever evolving and adaptive nature of technology is the central force behind the transformation of the business industry. Technology in business is encompassing a wide range of hardware, software, and services. It is playing a significant role in changing every aspect of the business industry. Smart use of technology is helping small as well as medium-sized companies to stay ahead of the competition by improving communication, making employees more efficient and by enabling them to tap into effective marketing channels.

Today, organizations are using custom software, web applications and ERP solutions and Database solutions to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of operational activities. Technology adoption is a powerful and less expensive option for companies to gain core competitive advantage. Accounting software, emails, customer relationship management applications and smartphone applications are enabling entrepreneurs to use their time efficiently. This article will discuss how technology is playing a critical role in different phases of the business industry.

Decision Making

Decision making is an integral part of the management which plays a significant role increasing the success of an organization. Speed and accuracy are critical factors for an effective decision. Managers required a Comprehensive market research and a variety of information in order to make a rational and logical choice from available solutions. World Wide Web is enabling organizations to conduct online surveys, forums, blogs and group discussion.

The Internet is providing managers a real-time opportunity to collect information. Moreover, successful implementation of a good ERP solution is providing an opportunity for managers to keep all the data, statistics and scheduling at one place. ERP solution helps in decision making by helping managers to conduct a cost-benefit analysis. Through ERP managers can explore alternative options and gather information quickly. Moreover, organizations are taking advantage of custom software, mobile apps, and databases in decision making. Technology is playing a significant role in increasing the speed and accuracy of the decision-making process.

Marketing and Business Growth

We cannot overstate the importance of marketing in any organization. Marketing play a significant role in increasing sales, brand awareness and profits of an organization. In other words, marketing is the backbone of every enables organizations to observe the needs and trends of the industry and help organization to identify targeted audiences. Overall marketing includes public relations, advertising, promotion, and sales.

The emergence of technology and internet have introduced digital marketing which is most significant part of marketing. Digital marketing includes social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), blogging, discussion forum and much more. Mobile apps have also made it easier for organization reaches a broad range of customers. Technology is offering substantial opportunity for success and development of the organizations.

Customer Support and Satisfaction

Information technology creates and manages a direct relationship between customer and organization. It presents a framework for developing an efficient relationship between customer and organization. Businesses are using modern tools as input to collect useful data from customers. Effective customer relationship management is critical for success and development of any organization. Web technology and the introduction of web applications have also made it easy for the organizations to increase customer satisfaction by building a healthy relationship with them.

Commercial use of internet and web applications is helping organizations to share a broad range of information and secure orders around the globe. Social media, custom software, and several mobile applications by providing real-time interaction opportunity have made it easy for the organizations to explore and meet customer needs and expectations.

The customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is allowing organizations to track interaction of clients with the organization and retrieve all information about the customer. Organizations are making the use of databases solutions and customer relationship management to hold valuable data for understanding customer behavior and for determining future needs of targeted audiences.

Resource Management and Globalization

Business cannot operate without resources. Resource management plays a significant role in success and development of an organization. Resources include financials, human and intangible resources. Manual handling and control of all resources are difficult or impossible functions for the large organizations. Information technology has introduced user-friendly solutions for the management for automating complex issues which the organization is facing in resource management.

Technology has introduced desktop, the internet, and cloud-based business solutions such as ERP system. Technology has made it possible for the organization manage and monitor organizational resources. Organizations are now able to keep track of resources utilization from anywhere in the world. Information technology has also introduced the concept of globalization and significantly contributing to growth and development of businesses. Multinational companies such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, McDonald’s are using cloud-based application and managing virtual or physical offices worldwide.


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