New technologies and applications like AirBnB and Uber, who have make some very ground breaking and radical changes in the workplace are often a target of attack from traditional business (and Politics). AirBnB has been attached by the Hotel Industry and Uber from the Taxi union.

The politicians often take the side of what matters at the ballot box rather than take a long term view of the effects of these in the market place

I had a first hand experience of how AirBnB is actually adding to the growth economy and actually fuels growth.

In June, Our family decided that we will spend a Month in Italy, visiting and working. So we rented and apartment through AirBNB close to Vatican in Rome for a month. Our apartment cost was less than $100 a day for a two bedroom fully furnished and equipped apartment.

If we did not have this option, we would not have been able to stay so long in Rome. The cost of hotels would have allowed us only for about 7 or 10 days max in Italy. Italy benefited from our additional economy activities for the extra days we spent there. It is easy to do the math

In between our one month stay, we spend 5 days in Paris and 4 days in Frankfurt, the Hotel charges for those nine days were more that what we paid for the AirBnB and with much less space and facilities.

If the government of all the countries want to do good for their own people, they should embrace the new technologies and business that come from this important sector.

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