Personalized Service-Ordering App Makes it Easy for Businesses to Succeed

Porter Ranch, California- November 21, 2017 – The company Topcone Inc announces that their innovative service-ordering app can now be white-labeled for individual business use. This Marketplace app platform gives business owners of all sizes the opportunity to engage in personalized high-quality apps without the usual expensive development costs. The ultimate goal is to provide a new way for customers and service-providers to connect, guaranteeing businesses the chance to succeed and reach more customers than ever without the large price tag.

Topcone first invented the app as a way for individuals and businesses to connect with service providers through an easy-to-access platform. EZ Home Services Ordering APP and B2B Business Services App are two apps that operate on Topcone’s high-tech platform. Both of these apps offer users the chance to look over local service providers, compare prices, and order services all from their mobile device. The app includes additions such as Geolocation to attract the right audience, the option to pay for services upfront, and a built-in scheduler to keep up with appointments.

Now that Topcone has stepped forward to white-label their app, a world of possibilities has opened for other business owners and service providers. Thanks to the already-available platform, both small businesses and large corporations can take advantage of a new way to connect with customers. Through Topcone’s white-labeled app platform, service providers such as dentists, doctors, lawyers, janitors, and child care workers can help clients connect with individual services, book appointments, and make payments with a few simple clicks on their mobile device.

Topcone believes that their white-labeled app will be beneficial to not only large corporations but also small businesses. Groups of service providers may also choose to work together using the app.

In an effort to reach the largest number of customers, Topcone’s app is compatible with all mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones and Android Tablets, The EZ Home Services Ordering APP and B2B Business Services App are currently available on both Google Play and the App Store.

While apps provide a fantastic way for businesses and customers to connect, the cost to have one custom-designed can seem daunting. The designers at Topcone say that they have decided to white-label their app in an effort to cut the costs of development and make it possible for all businesses to succeed regardless of their budget size.

When a business takes advantage of Topcone’s white-labeled app, they will receive an app that is in their own chosen name and personalized for their business. Since the platform already exists, the set-up time is minimal and the app can be finished quickly. Topcone’s apps are available on subscription at a fraction of the usual development cost.

Businesses that are interested in learning more about this white-labeled app can visit Current versions of the app can also be explored at and

Topcone is a brand that is striving to help businesses of all sizes find success through state-of-the-art technology. Currently, Topcone is working hard to revolutionize the way that consumers and businesses order services by providing high-quality white-labeled apps.

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