Everything local. Find out what’s near you.

Traveul is an innovative way to find businesses and services, and connect businesses and users in a 2 way communication.

Wherever you are in the world, you probably need to connect with a business or service nearby.

For those of you who travel and those who don’t, this app will allow you to connect with businesses and services in your current location. Once you open their page the businesses and services will connect with you providing valuable information regarding their specials, coupons, etc…

Traveul app uses newly designed Augmented Reality technology allowing you to visually locate the business or services that you want.

Traveul is now connecting 90+ million businesses in 190 countries and 100 languages.

So Traveul with us whether you travel or stay put.

Traveul app is free and available now in app stores.

Download now and start discovering places you need to locate wherever you are.

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Traveul Team

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