Never Misplace Another Keg


With the new Beacyn Beer Keg Management Solution, it is now possible to track beer kegs in real-time, empowering breweries and suppliers with the ability to know exactly where kegs are on the supply chain. Through the management solution, technology provides the ability to keep up with each keg, eliminating the fear of lost of stolen kegs. With ease of setup and operation, you can start tracking kegs in minutes.

Beacyn’s Beer Keg Management Solution is exactly what it sounds like: A Solution. Track your inventory of kegs with high end, real time tracking. You are a business and the last thing you choose to worry about is lost or stolen kegs. With Beacyn, we eliminate the uncertainty and provide Accountability for your inventory. Each keg is labeled with a unique QR code to scan from our free mobile app. Upon being scanned, the information and location of the keg is instantly visible to you. Beacyn is the solution for managing your kegs with ease and trust.

Industry Pain Points:

  • Each beer keg is pricey depending on the size and type
  • Beer kegs Get Lost int he supply chain
  • Stray beer kegs are difficult to identify and return
  • Traditional inventory keeping is complex
  • High cost of administering rental kegs
  • Low Accountability & responsibility
  • Rental kegs exhaust funds with high price

Our Solution:

  • Each keg is assigned a unique ID
  • Keg ID and details are entered into a database
  • Kegs receive an individual QR code
  • The QR code is etched or pasted on the keg
  • The QR code can be scanned with a free mobile app
  • QR codes are scanned each step of the supply chain
  • When scanned, the scanner, actual location, and time are recorded
  • Instant reports are generated from the data
  • No cellular connection? No problem. Details are stored but submitted when cellular data available.
  • The app is available on iOS and Android devices


  • Receive snapshots of each keg’s location
  • Workers are held with high accountability as details are recorded
  • Program works in real-time
  • Inventory is easily controlled
  • Lost beer kegs are easily retrieved
  • On-map tracking of each keg
  • Text and email alerts for updates, if needed.
  • Robust reports available
  • No hardware necessary – everything works from the app
  • Easy customization and quick setup

Let Beacyn be your Beer Keg Management Solution

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