As we are preparing to come out of the lockdown precipitated by the COVID-19 crisis, it is evident that Technology will be the engine that will drive the economy back to where it was.

Is your business technologically ready?

Here are some important technology questions business owners must ask.


Do I have a Shared Mission for my team?  

A shared mission keeps the team motivated and performing at their best levels even when they are in their pajamas

Creating a vision for your company and allowing your team to participate in the shared progress creates a sense of pride and motivates efficiency 


Do I have a Centralized software management (ERP) platform? 

The more remote the team, the greater the need for a Centralized management system. This enables your team to work from anywhere and still be efficient to connect to the “Mother ship”


Do I have a system to communicate with my Remote team?

The Lockdown showed us the importance of being able to do virtual collaborations and meetings. Luckily we have a host of tools that allow us to do just that and we need to take full advantage of this. 


Do I have a way to evaluate and manage the performance of my team?

Generating tools for performance analytics enables evaluation management of the team and propel moving in the correct direction


Have I provided Remote working tools to my team? 

Using enterprise mobile apps, especially those that can be dynamically customized, creates an efficient workflow and communication


Do I have a Time and Task Tracking Application? 

Using mobile Time tracking solutions lets you know that your team is where you want them to be and working on what you want them to work on 

We at topcone, are helping businesses answer the above questions and navigate the gaps in their solutions. We believe that a strong technological foundation is needed by every business to grow and prosper, survive and thrive in the new economy which we will be seeing soon.

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