How Topcone Inc Will Help Your Business Level Up in 2020

Topcone Inc prides itself on building cutting-edge custom applications for small, medium, and large businesses. At the heart of what we do is providing advanced and personalized custom solutions that save our clients time and money.

Mobile Apps Development

Did you know that about 90% of online traffic is generated by mobile phone users? What’s more, about half the number of mobile users access online services through mobile apps. Having a mobile app for your business will scale your business up by unlocking a new pool of potential clients. 

Web Apps Development 

One way to leverage your online traffic is via web applications. We develop tailor-made web apps that will help you leverage user data. This will impact your business productivity.

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence 

A business that wants to run successfully needs advanced forms of data management. Our ad-hoc data warehousing solutions paired with business intelligence services will make it easy to collect, integrate, analyze, and present data in a professional manner. 

Database Consulting 

Our Database consulting solutions take away the pain of running a business using constrained database frameworks. We will help you plan, fine-tune, develop, maintain, or make any upgrades to your existing database to meet the growing needs of your business. 

Software Development 

We develop application software from scratch and customize it to fit your business vision and needs. 

IT Consulting 

Every business needs an IT consultant well-versed in the emerging trends in Information Technology. We tap into the growing trends to come up with solutions that help our clients in various industries and applications. 

eCommerce, CRM, & CMS

Let our Topcone experts improve your online user experience through an interactive online store, hassle-free content management tools, or an engaging online blog. We provide all the necessary web applications that will boost your business presence online.


Topcone is passionate about tapping into the latest technology to create data driven business applications. Contact us today to know how you can level up your business.

Personal Mission Statement from Topcone’s CEO


As Topcone moves into the second decade of providing services to our clients, I take this opportunity to thank you all for your support to us.

Here is our mission statement for my clients…

We build custom software applications and When you partner with my company (Topcone Inc) you get the most efficient, effective and affordable proprietary software application that will grow as you grow and keep providing you savings in operations at all times.

We help Business Owners manage their Employee Check-in / Check-out using our mobile app  ( without any equipment installation on subscription basis.

We enable B2B Service providers acquire new customers by providing then our mobile marketing platform ( for them to reach mobile customers

We facilitate Home Service providers acquire new customers by providing them our mobile marketing platform ( for them to reach mobile customers

We provide clients needing mobile app for business a tool ( that allows them to customize and use mobile apps instantly. – MOBILE APPS ON DEMAND.


We save our clients time and money with an array of existing software and mobile applications that can be white-listed for their use. ASK US FOR A LIST.

What Makes us different
We provide objective advise, quote reasonable prices, create excellent products with timely delivery and provide amazing services.

How it works:  We start with a free evaluation of your existing technology setup and discuss your detailed requirements and align them with your future long term goals, then I offer you a fixed quote to build your system.

Ready to Talk?:
Send me a message on LinkedIn or directly to or call me on 818-635-6335


Hello CEO, CIO, CTO and IT Managers

In today’s technology driven world, managing an IT development teams is a big challenge. There are too many moving parts – Selection of Latest Technology , Design Protocols, Reliability, Deadlines, Cost effectiveness and a lot else.

Understanding these challenge, We are offering our services as a Full Service Software Development team – Available on Demand to take away lot of your stress.

We are a Los Angeles Based Software Development Corporation . We have a proven track record of Database, Software Web Applications and Mobile Apps development for our clients enabling them to reduce their cost of software development.

Range of Applications
Web Applications
Mobile Applications
Web Enterprise Portals
Database Design and development
Data Warehousing
Business Intelligence.

Our Promise is Timely Delivery and be within Your Budget.

Send us a message and I will provide you with our info and portfolio and see what we can do for you.

See Our Success Stories

APPSO – MaaS – “Mobile APP as a SERVICE” –

The application your business needed yesterday, today!

So you’ve realized that your Business Desperately Needs a Mobile App, but can’t afford the start-up costs or maybe you’ve got the money but you needed it like Yesterday.

Or maybe you want a quick and easy way to run your business off your phone or any mobile devices, without designers and developers getting in the way.

Basically, you want your app today!

Well, here at APPSO, we have the perfect solution for you:

Instead of purchasing your business app outright, you can use one of our dynamic templates straight away. Our templates allow you to build the perfect application for your business, whether you’re a tradesman, retailer, salesman or manager.

No waiting waiting. No expensive developers. Just flexible, workable, subscription-based applications.

Get your app now, with APPSO.

The benefits of using our on demand mobile applications

APPSO’s mobile applications come with a vast array of innovative features:

  • Quick and Easy Set-Up: Mobile applications can take months, if not years to develop and design. Get your project off the ground straight away with one of dynamic app templates.
  • Reduced Costs: Developing the average mobile application runs costs into the thousands. With our tailor-made applications, you pay a single, monthly subscription cost.
  • Flexible Templates: Whether you’re taking orders, working on the managing employees, APPSO’s sandbox applications can work around any project.
  • Perfect for Any Project Size: Whether it’s a simple partnership or 5,000 employees, our custom-made templates have scope to suit any project.
  • Realtime Data Syncing: Our on demand mobile applications allow your employees to share data in real-time. No more waiting around for results.

If you want the perfect business application at a fraction of the regular price, then get in contact with APPSO for more information about our cost-effective plans.

Mobile Apps on Demand – on as needed basis.

Meeting to your Mobile Applications Needs – Instantly

  • Quick and Easy To Start
  • Hosted on the cloud
  • Flexible Templates
  • Perfect for Any Project Size
  • Realtime Data Syncing
  • Reduced Costs
  • Subscription Based
  • Multi-User
  • Multi-Location
  • Includes electronic signature

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Topcone’s Five Principles

Objective Advice
At Topcone, we are passionate about helping individuals and businesses succeed – even if they are not our clients! If you contact us, we will give you high-quality advice on the best way to use technology to grow your business even if you chose not to use our paid services.
Reasonable Prices
We understand that growing a business can be expensive and we try not to add to the financial burden. To best serve you, we offer reasonable pricing that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of our services without a huge bill.
Excellent Products
We believe in offering only the best products and services for our clients, helping them win in every way possible. The applications we offer grow along with our clients, helping you reap the benefits of your investment for years to come.
Timely Delivery
Our team of professionals understands that you have important deadlines and need our services finished in a timely manner. To best help you, we team with you to develop schedules and then do everything possible to keep them a top priority!Amazing Service

When you choose to team up with Topcone, we become partners on your journey to success. We go the extra mile to provide round-the-clock services and support, giving us the ability to address issues with the quickest turnaround time.

Topcone’s Core Competency

Topcone develops custom software solutions that meet even your most complicated technology needs. Whether you need e-commerce, data consulting, mobile apps, or web Applications, we are at your disposal. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, whether you are a government employee or part of the public sector agency, Topcone is your partner of choice.

Promoters have 25 years of IT experience. and employ a teams of dedicated developers with a variety of skills and tons of experience.

Core Competency

Web Applications Development

Linux Platform – PHP, Apache, JavaScript, JSon, JQuery, Java, Web Services
Windows Platform – ASP, ASP.Net, IIS, Active Server Pages. Dot Net.

Mobile Applications Development

iOS Framework and Android Framework Platforms

Desktop Software Development

Dot Net,, C#, C++

Database Development and Data Migration

Oracle, SQL-Server, MySQL, PostGreSQL, DB2, SSIS

Data Warehouse Development

SSRS, Crystal Reports, Web Reporting Tools

eCommerce and CMS

Mageneto, WoCommerce, Shopify, wordPress, Joomla

Past Projects and Performances


Web Portals

Synergy, Posey Co, Aerovironment

Custom Developed Web Applications

 Cloudscraper, Digital Dogma.

Mobile Applications

Synergy, Traveul, Examguru, Comquest, APPSO. EZServiceCall, B2BApp

Data Warehousing and Migration

Onelegacy organization, Amgen, Panavision, Wells Fargo Bank, Aerovironment, Ameron, Warehouse Shoe Sale, Michael Stars, Posey Co. Greenbox, SeePoint

eCommerce/CMS Applications

IsSheAvailable, EPCElectric, HennaCity, Touchupdirect, Zincwarehouse

Desktop Applications

General Procurement, Below the Waterline.

We have all the technical solutions you are looking for your business.