19 Oct


If your company has a team of people in the field (going to Construction Sites, Client locations, Inspections, and similar) collecting data or quoting to customers, or collecting inspection information, then you may be having the following challenges   Communicating when your team is in the field Customization of the mobile app...

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07 Sep

These are the problems we solve for our clients

We upgrade/reinvent legacy software We clean up old messes in the technology stack. We fix custom software disasters created by other development teams. We Create Custom ERP solutions, specific for your business,  with less than 9 months of ROI. If you have a current business problem, Let’s talk I bet I can figure out how...

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03 Sep

Off the Shelf-Software VS Custom Software- Which is Better?

Whether you are a startup or an established business, choosing the right software to run your business can be daunting. One of the biggest decisions as an entrepreneur is deciding between off-the-shelf vs custom software. Which of these software solutions will suit your business model better?  Choosing the right software application...

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03 Jan

Real-time data syncing for real-time professionals

Whether you have a team of surveyors, data analysts, or medical professionals out on the field, you can’t afford to wait until tomorrow for their findings to land on your desk. The simple solution would be to develop some form of a mobile application to log their research in real-time, but...

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27 Aug

Topcone's 5 Core Principles

Here are our core principles that guide us when we engage our valued customers -   Objective Advice At Topcone, we are passionate about helping individuals and businesses succeed. Even if they are not our clients, we will give you high-quality advice on the best way to use technology to grow your business. Reasonable...

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